HD Russell


 “The sunshine is lovely today.” Jordana spoke looking at the sky then to the woman by her side. For her part Adriana stared at the water, “This is a lovely park. Very conducive to our conversation.” Adriana's voice smiled at she said the word conversation.
They shifted on the bench their knees touching then separating. Adriana sighed. After all this time the sexual tension remains steadily flowing behind every word every accidental brush of skin or every time blue eyes meet brown.
Jordana breathed a deep ragged breath. “Our time in this life has passed. We shouldn't push it anymore.”

“That's it then?” Adriana stood up.

“You have too many questions and you refuse all the answers. Your instability and naïveté show more than you think.” Jordana smiled and looked up at Adriana. The sound of laughter from behind them caused Jordana to stand and turn quickly around, “Uncle Ares,” Jordana spat, “still wearing leather I see.”

“Still wearing human flesh?” Ares verbally shot back.

Adriana stood motionless then whispered, “Who? What?”

Ares walked around the bench and come to stand in front of them. “Well at least she isn't ugly like the last time.”

Jordana rolled her eyes, “Get to the point. Quickly.”

“Give her a message for me,”Ares said emphasizing her, “Tell her I have three and when it's five the world is mine.” He then disappeared in a flash of blue and silver light.

Jordana turned completely around ignoring Adriana's stuttered syllables and shock. Jordana put her hand to her temples feeling the blood pulsating. This had officially ruined what was already going to be a heart wrenching occasion. “Adriana, I have to make a phone call then we have a great deal more to talk about.” Adriana shook her head and followed Jordana to the parking lot. Jordana looked up to the sky smelling the air before climbing into the driver’s side of the car. “Rains coming.”
Jordana dialed the phone once seated in the car. In the back of her mind she expected the worst. If her uncle was sending a message to Lexia, the mysterious her, after not disobeying Zeus on this for more than 1,000 years then what ever he is planning must be more than deadly. Unlike his previous bumblings and practical jokes in the past he seemed to have a new determination. Now, Adriana was involved and could be used as leverage.

 “Yes, I need to place a trans-Atlantic call.”

Adriana sat listening and not believing any of it but knowing it to be the truth. She nearly exited the car and only stopped when Jordana's hand caught her by the arm. Jordana smiled looking directly into her eyes Adriana dropped her chin and returned the smile.

Jordana continued the conversation apparently connected with the mysterious her. “Gelly, hey...yes it really has been...”Jordana smiled.

“Oh I wish I were calling for a little wine and dancing...” She said with a short laugh and brief pause, “Well the dances are dreary compared to the last time we met yet oddly familiar...” Adriana listened to the laugh and wondered at the secret. Mysterious wasn't a word she would have used for Jordana before today. She thought they knew each other completely even if they only saw each other occasionally. Though they lived separate lives they loved one another wholly. She continued listening to the half of the conversation she could hear.

 “I was paid a visit today by Ares...yes...where is she?” Jordana listened then interrupted the person on the other end. “Yes, I'm going to call some help...Look he said he has three and when he has five...” She trailed off and shook her head the person on the other end having finished the sentence. “Get her the message and be at my house in two days. If it is what you said then we may not have as much to fear. I have a piece...All right. Two days. Until then.” She disconnected the line.

Adriana sighed as Jordana cut the phone off. She couldn't hide her confusion.

“I suppose you would like and explanation?” Adriana shook her head yes. She didn't trust her voice not to betray the fear that was tickling the back of her brain. If Ares managed to rebuild this machine there would be no end to the evil he could put upon the world. Jordana shook her head and spoke, “I need to get some stuff in order and I will tell you a story, my story which you may come to know as your own. I will bring us to these moments and see if it goes beyond.”​